How to Take Care of Your Leather


When you buy a leather bag from Luxy Leather, you want to enjoy its smooth touch and elegant look for many years to come. Due to its organic origin, leather requires occasional care and conditioning to maintain its stylish features in the long run.

We have created the ultimate guide on how to take care of your leather with all the necessary tips for safe-keeping leather bags and briefcases. This way, you will always have a resource to turn to when you want to keep wrinkles and creases from your leather goods.

Know Your Leather

Before we get down to the whipping and brushing your leather bag, we should refresh our memory about all the types of leather. You may have bags from different hides, which come from various organic sources. It is essential that you know your leather and how to care for it before you apply the wrong cleaning solution, which might ruin it forever.

Here are the most common types of leather used for bags and briefcases:

Vegetable-tanned leather

Most of the top-quality leather bags have a vegetable tan, which manufacturers obtain by applying tannin, a natural substance available in plants. The issue with vegetable-tanned leather bags is that they lose color quickly and tend to shrivel from moisture.

Chrome-tanned leather

Bags with chrome tan are better resistant to water and excessive moisture. They often have a steel-gray hue and a metallic feel to them.

Full-grain leather

Leather briefcases and bags that have full-grain hide usually have top-quality properties and their resilience make them ideal for long-term use. They also have natural “grain” textures and colors.

Top-grain leather

Bags that contain top-grain leather are thinner than most types of leather and have a natural, pleasant feel to them. They are also some of the most expensive leather products, but symbols of genuine class and elegance.

Exotic leather

Non-cattle skin and patent leather have glossy surfaces that manufacturers usually achieve through several layers of natural oils and resin.

What Happens to Leather if You Do Not Take Care of It

Leather comes from the hide of various animals, but mostly cattle. It is made of organic fiber, so it requires regular care and attention. Just like natural skin, leather ages with time, and it may develop wrinkles, creases, and a generally old, used appearance.

Additionally, the life of your leather bag depends on how you accommodate it to the area where you use it. If you live in a region where humid weather is prevalent, you will have to support its waterproof properties with regular conditioning.

Your leather bag can resist the occasional walk in the rain. However, when you expose it to substantial moisture, the oils in the leather bind to the water molecules. When the bag gets dry, the water evaporates, and so do the oil molecules. In time, the loss of natural oil will cause your leather bag to become brittle.

Leather Cleaning Accessories You Must Have

You do not have to wait for your leather briefcase to become frail and brittle to start taking care of it. On the contrary, you should ensure that you have everything necessary to keep it in top shape from the moment you buy it.

If you want your elegant leather bag to maintain an elegant look and give you a successful appearance, you should consider buying leather cleaning accessories like:

Leather Cream Conditioner

This product contains a unique mix of natural ingredients that help the leather maintain its natural moisture and textures.

Crème Essentielle

With this soft soap-like cream, you can ensure that your leather bag will not lose its color and become old-looking or brittle.

Waterstop Spray

This powerful solution protects leather bags and briefcases from absorbing water when you are in a humid environment.

Medium-Soft Suede Brush

This tool is essential for removing dirt spots or leather toes.

A Clean, Smooth Cloth

You will need a non-absorbing piece of clean cloth to easily apply the creams and sprays on the entire surface of your leather goods.

How to clean a leather bag

A leather bag, or even a briefcase, is a sign of elegance, style, and good taste. Whether you use it for business or travel, it will always make you look successful and refined.

If you have a leather bag, or you are planning to get one, you already know how to wear it in style. Here are a few instructions on how to clean and maintain its good looks as well!

  1. On a clean and open surface, line up the leather bag and the leather care products.
  2. Make sure that your hands are perfectly clean before starting the maintenance process.
  3. Wipe the leather bag with a clean, smooth cloth or remove any dust or dirt particles.
  4. If any dirt spots are harder to take out with the cloth, use the suede brush instead.
  5. Apply the “crème essentielle” with a clean, soft cloth on the entire surface of the bag. This is a bi-annual practice, so you won’t have to do it every time you clean your leather briefcase.
  6. Apply the cream conditioner, which will moisturize the leather and prevent it from developing wrinkles.
  7. Leave the leather bag to dry out and take in all the moisture in the cream for a few minutes.
  8. Apply the waterstop spray to enhance its protection against excess humidity.

To maintain the smooth, rich patina of your leather bag, you have to clean and condition it frequently. If you only use it a few times a year, you should keep it in a closet, away from sunlight. Also, you should try stuffing it with bubble wrap to ensure that it will maintain its shape.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Taking Care of Natural Leather

  • DO use only leather specific products to clean and maintain your leather goods.
  • DO place any liquids in an additional pouch before putting them in your leather bag.
  • DO choose natural color for your bags when buying one. White leather tends to darken quickly than other colors.
  • DO NOT use alcohol, turpentine, or other mineral spirits to clean your leather bags or briefcases. They will discolor them and shorten their lifespan.
  • DO NOT ever allow your leather bag to soak in water.
  • DO NOT keep fountain pens, cosmetic products, or coloring solutions in the leather bag.
  • DO NOT use wax or silicone to make your leather bag shinier. These substances will destroy the leather.